Master Analysis – Shenlong

After my recent tournament review, I’ve had a few questions on how Shenlong can delete twelve wound masters in a single activation. So far, I’ve played around a dozen games with him and his kill list includes; Lady Justice, Dr McMourning, Misaki, Leviticus and the Shadow Emissary. Sadly, that last one I witnessed from the other side of the engagement.

Front of card, Shenlong has some fairly average stats. A Df of 5 isn’t great and Wp of 6 it fair.
The Chi mechanic is the core to his crew and makes him more survivable. Able to increase those stats to 7 and 8 for a limited number of actions.
It’s the Master of the Five Temples where Shenlong gets his power and versatility from. The five upgrade each give him a unique ability and action.
Rounding it off the Hard to Kill and Sacred Ink are also nice defence technology which can help improve his survivability.

On the back of his card there his primary attack Fury of the Dawn. There are triggers on every suit but it’s masks and rams which are particularly strong.
The Dragon’s Light is a nice finisher for models with Hard to Kill or Demise abilities.
His tactical actions are good for loading Chi onto himself and getting other Monks to drop schemes or get focus.

However, as mentioned, before it’s the upgrades that really ramp Shenlong’s power level and make him a seriously versatile Master, which includes his aggressive damage dealing combo. So how does Shenlong remove masters in a single activation?

The key to Shenlong’s killing potential is the Fermented river style, Chi and even your opponent’s defensive tech. The Drunken Kung Fu ability means that negative flips count as positives and vice versa, so it’s all a case of giving Shenlong negatives. This is where his humble totems the Aspiring Students come in. Their attack gives the opponent distracted +1 for a single damage. In one turn the students can load him with +4 distracted and if done in the presence of Sensei Yu he’ll also have 2 more Chi. Add in another Chi transferred from one Student to Shenlong by the other Student. Finally have a Low River Monk heal Shenlong back up (only needs to heal for 3 as Shenlong will regenerate 1 if he activates near the monk too). This all means that when Shenlong activates he’ll be on 4 distracted and 4 Chi. There are other ways to get more Chi and distracted onto him if you really want to go for it.
Now Shenlong picks his target. With the Falling Rave Kick from the upgrade Shen has a threat range of 12″ on his charge for his initial action. He can of course have been pushed further up the board by the triggers on the Student’s attack and by a cheeky Sensei Yu wind blast if needed. For single activation master killing Shenlong really needs his target within this range so all three actions can be dedicated to attacks.
When he attacks the distracted lower to give him a [-] to the dual which the upgrade promptly flips to a [+], add in the fact that he can, at will, drop a Chi to make the attacks stat 8 and this means he’s likely to be hitting a lot of the time without the need to cheat. Then the damage flip is typically a [-] or even [-][-] which once again the upgrade flips, so Shenlong is hitting those moderate and severe more often. That’s 5 damage from Falling Rave Kick or from Fury of the Dawn. But wait, if he’s not having to use Falling Rave Kick and is instead on the base card attack, stone for the mask to trigger onslaught. Take another attack, still on [+] due to another distracted, for another possible 5 damage. If you target is Hard to Wound it’s even worse. The best he can achieve is a straight flip for damage with the more likely result being [+][+].
The Masked agent upgrade will turn off any pesky resistance triggers like blast off or squeal that could spoil your carnage and if the target has a none resistance based push, Butterfly Leap for example, it just means you need to repeat the Falling Rave Kick each attached for the initial 6″ push (just watch you don’t run out of Chi). Now of course if you don’t get an opportunity in turn 1 to do this then the students and Sensei Yu will load more onto Shenlong before he activates.

I love this version of Shenlong, he finally feels like he has the power of a Tyrant bound up inside of him. Plus once he’s finished murdering a couple of key pieces of the opponents crew he can always switch to another style for some scheme running, the Four Winds Punch is capable of turning your opponent’s scheme markers into your own after all.

3 thoughts on “Master Analysis – Shenlong

  1. How does four winds punch turn your opponents scheme markers into yours?…. and also… falling rave kick does 5 severe on the cards i have? Were things updated or something?


    1. Good spot on the damage track, I even posted a pic of the card and didn’t spot it DOH, With regard to the markers, Four Wind Punch picks up scheme markers and then places them down after the move. Pg28 of the rulebook states “When a model drop a marker, it is friendly to the Crew controlling the model that dropped it.” So when the scheme markers are returned to the board they become friendly scheme markers despite who owned them when they were picked up.


  2. Good point about the markers… didn’t even think about it that way.


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