Model Spotlight – Charm Warder

The Charm Warder is a nice counter pick minion. It has a lot of abilities and triggers that can be taken into match ups once you know the master you’re facing. Its good in general, but against certain Masters and crews it can really get into your opponent’s head.

So the initial abilities on the card are the keyword abilities. All are useful especially the Chi for helping in duels. It means those critical attacks or defences can be done at effectively stats 7 or 8. The first of their counter pick skills comes next. If the opponent is a summoner, especially an aggressive summoner who projects their summons forward to apply pressure, the Barrier to the Other World is a good deterrent . I plan to go through all the masters at some point and note down which crews are capable of summoning in any form at a later date.

Lantern of Souls is great against declared masters who use demise tricks, but who are they? Well here’s the breakdown;

Leviticus (Pariah’s Soul) – Place in base contact with hollow waif and heal 8
Hamelin (Agony) – Kill friendly stolen with 6” and heal 5
Viktoria Chambers (Unbalanced) – Other Vik heals 3, [+] to Df and Wp duels
Yan Lo (Shatter Reliquary) – Discard reliquary upgrade from 10” and heal 3/4/5
Lucas McCabe (Dismount) – Replace with dismounted McCabe and heal 5

Turning off their demise triggers really hurts these masters, maybe less so Viktoria, but the others use it as a key feature in their survivability. There are a lot of other models with demise triggers and again that’s research I want to complete, but for a fact if you face Yann Lo it’s almost an auto take to include a Charm Warder, the number of demise triggers his crew will include.

Back of the card now, and Chi Blade has a couple of nice extra’s. Ignoring Incorporeal is a good start, again there are crews which this is more useful for. But the exorcism triggers is very strong against certain masters. But who exactly summons with an upgrade attached?

Tara – Void Wretches
Sandeep Desai – Elementals Minions
Somer Teeth Jones – Big Hat Minions
Sonia Criid – Witchlings
Dashel Barker – Guard Minions
Dreamer – Nightmare Minions
Prof Von Schtook – Transmortis Minions
Forgotten Marshal (Molly) – Forgotten Minions
Kirai Ankoku – Urami Minion
Asami Tanaka – Oni Minions

Jynx is a nice ability, especially in turns 1 and 2 when you know for a fact, they’ll have undeclared schemes. Saving those crows for the trigger is great and remember with the help of Chi this can be an attack at stat 8.

Finally, Chaos Theory is a nice little AOE damage effect, but I’d not normally want my Charm Warder quite that thick into the combat.

Overall the Charm Warder is a good piece which is situationally brilliant. It’s something to always have in mind once the enemy declares their master irrespective of which master you’ve declared, as even with the +1ss tax for out of keyword is strong against the right crews.

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