Master Analysis – Jakob Lynch

Next up on the master spotlight is Jakob Lynch, owner of the Honeypot establishment, master card manipulator and lets be honest, the Hungering Darkness’ b***h.

Lynch’s stats are pretty bad, Df and Wp of only 5 and very poor Mv of 4 are more like a minion’s stats than a masters.
Rig the Deck is the [HONEYPOT] crew’s signature ability and successfully learning how to use this is one of the key’s to making the crew work. I’ll go into more details later on this.
Lynch’s M2e ability to pick up aces has been replaced with Trump Card. This gives brilliance to an enemy that flips an ace. Pay attention for these, it’s random which model gets them but many of Lynch’s abilities as well as his crew’s use these tokens.
His defensive technology comes in the form of Don’t Bite the Hand and Hold’em. Forcing a enemy onto a negative and hurting them if they cheat. This combines with his final ability which will guarantee the enemy beaters will be on negatives to attack. But honestly this is all pretty poor and Lynch will still fall to even a moderate beater willing to but the effort in.

Lynch has three different attacks on the back of his card. His Melee attack is a nice way to build brilliance up on a model in preparation of Succumb to Darkness, dealing damage is tricky. Remember though with Lynch you’ll know what the top two cards of your deck are so an initial attack flip and the first card you’ll reveal, so you can try to stack the deck in your favour.
Derringer is a nice short range attack, with more ways to add brilliance to the target as well as a very strong trigger to move Huggy from anywhere on the board to base contact with the target. As a result of this, don’t be afraid to send Huggy off to a corner or flank to kill a scheme runner as this action allows you to bring him back into the action quickly. Also note it’s not enemy only, so you can shoot your own Illuminated or Depleted.
Succumb to Darkness is a nice summoning action, but from experience it’s hard to accumulate enough brilliance to summon much more than depleted. Still its a nice way to do a fixed amount of damage.

Rig the Deck is his core mechanic and it’s successful use is a key to his success. There are a number of ways to use the skill. The obvious one is to draw cards and then replace the top of your deck with stronger cards from your hand. So the next actions will succeed. Another trick is to draw the cards and replace with weak cards on top, which you then burn out with an action you don’t mind failing. Typically, this is a bonus action, so in Lynch’s case the This rounds on me.

Lynch is an odd master, he’s definitely not a beater, hardly a support master and barely a disruption master. He does help enable other aspects of his crew’s abilities by handing out brilliance tokens, but most of these are within 8″ of him, and that’s not where you want him to be, especially within 8″ of the enemy beaters. He does benefit from the Trained Ninja upgrade to give him stealth if you know you’re going up against a heavily ranged based master (the likes of Leviticus, Perdita or Rasputina for example) but this feels like having to spend more points to prop up his weaknesses.

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